The Hammer Of Thor (History And Meaning)

Thor mythical god of the law, and justice received the gift of the dwarves “Mjollnir”, the magic hammer with thunder and lightning struck the enemy and then return to the hands of its owner. By his power Thor, was the only one able to handle it because-it is said- the dwarves had endowed him with the Hammer of Thor a magical waist, which once put double the strength of the god.

The Scandinavian saga leads again Thor as a favorite deity of the ancients and tells how Mjllnir had been instrumental in the fight against the giants that the gods had fought since time.

The legend tells of fact that one morning Thor did not find his hammer, and he resorted to the other gods so much to force Lokio (god of cunning) to search for the precious Hammer of Thor. Loki went in search of the splendid goddess Freyra (the goddess of love), and she borrowed her magical cloak that makes her invisible and began searching for Thor’s weapon.

Hammer of the Thor

Together in the land of the glacier giants, he confronted his boss Trym, who confessed to him that he had stolen the Hammer of Thor, and of not returning it if he did not exchange it with the beautiful Freyra.

Loki returned to the gods with Thrym’s proposal. Freyra refused to accept this marriage. Under the repeated insistence of the other deities. Thor then agreed to change the way to look like a wife, making himself accept the presence of the giants. Loki had to have accompanied him.

Once next to the realm of the giants they were greeted by a splendid wedding banquet, which they had to take part in and although Thrym was skeptical, Freyra’s appearance was certainly not to such praise. Loki convinced him to accept his wife, producing as an excuse a great fatigue for the trip taken.

Thor’s Hammer

At the end of the banquet Thrym had the hammer brought and gave it to his wife as a wedding gift. At that point Thor freed himself from the change of clothes and challenged the magic hammer and killed all the giants.

In the Scandinavian culture, it was believed that the Hammer of Thor had protection and fertility powers and therefore several reproductions of the Mjolnir were used in religious ceremonies and rites. During the marriage one used to give to the wives who should have it on the bed on the first night of the wedding, as a symbol of fertility and response of riches for the new family.

The importance of this symbol was underestimated during Christianity, the conversion that could appear quickly in rural areas and sparsely populated as Scandinavia, was particularly difficult as Mjolnir came daily as a protective talisman and the only concession is obtained to obtain deceased who came with the rosary with the symbol of the cross.

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