Cheap SEO Services

How Does Cheap SEO Services Work?

Under SEO (search engine optimization) means measures that should be considered when designing and programming a website to land as high as possible in the search results of search engines.

First, we recommend the article How do search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing?.This describes how search engine providers create their search results.

What is Cheap Seo Services?

Basically, Cheap Seo Services affects technical and design aspects of your website, which are positively or negatively evaluated by search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. In the article « How does Cheap Seo Services work?  We describe the most important points.

SEO is a branch of marketing, with Cheap Seo Services often being carried out by specialized agencies. You will find a suitable agency in your area in the search engine of your choice. We have prepared for you the search results of Google for the keywords

Since SEO is a very extensive topic, we can not provide you with any conclusive documentation. However, we want to list the most important things to consider when creating a website.

Clear structure in the code

  • Search engines comb through the contents of your page. The clearer and better structured you program a website, the more effective the evaluations are.
  • Use the HTML tags in their intended function.
  • Page titles and headings should be related to the content of the site.
  • Use meta tags in a meaningful measure to briefly describe your page with keywords.

Design of the website

Search engines place modern websites higher. This concerns above all the technical side of the design.

  • Observe current standards in programming.
  • Correct integration of pictures, videos and links.
  • Make the website responsive so that it is displayed clearly on all devices.
  • Compliance with accessibility.


The speed of your website also has an impact. The faster a page can be displayed, the better the rating. In the article « How can I optimize the speed of my website?  We give you tips to optimize your website accordingly.


Websites protected by https, protected by an SSL certificate, prevent misuse and thus make the Internet more secure. Reason enough for the search engines to also rate this positively.

Since offering free SSL certificates , cyon has made it easy to secure your website accordingly. The article « How do I set up an SSL certificate?  Shows you how it works.

Duplicate Content

” Duplicate Content “, English for “duplicate content”, refers to the presentation of the same content on various websites. This means that the same website or a subpage of it is stored under different URLs.

How do search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing?

Search engines are programs that index the unmanageable amounts of data and web pages accessible over the Internet. Now, if you’re looking for a term, the software will put together a selection in the background that best suits the search term, with the most unique matches displayed first.

How are websites indexed?

A so-called “robot”, also called “Spider”, “Searchbot” or “Webcrawler”, constantly searches the Internet. It reads content and structural elements of a website and stores them in the search engine databases. The robot follows every link on a website, automatically moving from site to site. This approach will sooner or later make any website publicly available in the database and updated on an ongoing basis.

Which data is indexed?

The details of exactly what data is stored will not be publicly disclosed to prevent misuse. Basically, however, text contents are read out and evaluated accordingly. That’s why it’s important that your website is well structured. More on this under How does Cheap Seo Services work?.

Why is my website not in the search results?

The internet has grown a lot and is growing steadily. The robots have a lot to do, so it takes some time to find your new website in the search results.

Most search engines offer a feature to manually log your website in for faster indexing. For the two largest providers, these are the following links:


Bing & Yahoo!