Benefits of Baby Massage

The first few months of baby life are the most critical moments in learning and development. These initial experiences bring your baby into this fantastic world. This is the beginning of a very special connection between mother and child.

Baby massage (jamu massage) is quite new in the UK, but in countries like India, it is an integral part of the baby’s daily life. In fact, Indian baby massage doesn’t stop there; it’s your way of life. It has been a long tradition in India for thousands of years. After the delivery, a daily massage is performed on the baby. And not just mother massage; older children massage their younger siblings.

So what are the benefits? Ok, first of all, he developed the mother tongue of the baby, which is the reason. But one of its main health benefits is that it helps strengthen and regulate your digestive system, including the respiratory and circulatory systems. Studies of premature babies have shown that massage strengthens and regulates the respiratory, circulatory and gastrointestinal systems. This means that every time you massage your baby, it will stimulate your immune system and increase your baby’s resistance to the disease.

In addition, the massage increases the feeling of being loved and the safety of the baby and relieves the symptoms of abdominal pain, wind and constipation. Increased intimacy with your baby allows you to identify any changes and may contract the disease early.

Not only the babies who benefit from these experiences, but also the parents. New mothers are confident when dealing with babies, which is very effective, which means it is a good way to reduce stress. It can also improve the understanding of infant growth and development, improve communication between mother and child, and help parents understand and correctly respond to non-verbal language of infants.

If you have Postnatal depression, a baby massage may be very beneficial to you, as recent research has shown it to be helpful. Studies have also shown that babies who are restrained, massaged, transported and hugged become less aggressive and less violent, more compassionate and courageous.

When a newborn arrives, parents often feel excluded. They can see the close connection between the mother and the baby and feel excluded. Baby massage is also a great character for Dad. He united them to provide a good health experience and quality time for fathers and children.

In general, baby massage (jamu massage) is good for the entire family. You can find a local course that teaches all the basics and then go out and practice at home. Or maybe you like this course because it will take you away from home and let you interact with other mothers. You may like it very much, and one day you will want to go to class. This is possible because there is a diploma in baby massage that will teach you everything you need to do your own baby massage.

One in five children, including babies, eczema and dry skin, is the most common trigger in outbreaks, finding a simple and cost-effective treatment that you can use every day in your baby’s skin care. Create a miracle.

For babies with eczema, there is nothing better than a massage. More and more mothers and new fathers are experiencing the wonderful pleasure of massage, not only in terms of relief, but also in the baby’s face completely relaxed and purely happy.

Scientific theory

Dr. Tiffany Field, a researcher at the Miami Touch Institute, has been studying massage therapy for the past 25 years and has conducted a study on eczema children who have been treated for eczema. Their parents massage daily to see if his symptoms are reduced.

Within a month, the first group of parents massaged the prescribed skin care for the child for 20 minutes each day. The second group performs skin care on the child’s skin without massage.