2 Basic Ways To Use Affiliate Marketing

Once we know the basic rules of affiliate marketing and if we want to use it, we have to see how it fits into our project.

Affiliate marketing on a blog

If we have a blog in which we publish content regularly, we will be interested in detecting products that may interest our audience and talk about them . In this case, we should do a more natural affiliate marketing (Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews), as if we recommend something to a friend, only explaining things in more detail. We want to be honest and recommend good things because, although we want to generate sales, our reputation is more important.

For example, you have a gardening blog and there is a type of fertilizer for geraniums that you have tried and it is especially good. If you are going to talk about him well in your blog, it is very possible that thanks to you that product takes some purchase. With affiliate marketing you can make a profit out of this.

It is also not necessary that you love the product. You can make a comparison of 5 types of subscription and affiliate marketing with the 5. Surely in the article you will recommend one (you will not be one of those who make comparisons and release a roll to not make things clear, right?), But you can put shopping links to 5. If you say that this is the worst, but your reader prefers to buy it for whatever it is (maybe it’s cheaper), it’s not your problem.

For a blogger, this system is advantageous because you do not need to force the sale of the product, but present your opinion (with data, if applicable) and advise the purchase. To the reader, buying that product is going to cost exactly the same, so if you buy it with the added value of someone’s recommendation that deserves reliability, then better for both. And for the product or store creator.

I think the concept is simple and you have understood it a long time ago, but just in case I leave you this explanatory video of Webgains (another affiliation company, you see that there are not a few).

Niche page or affiliate e-commerce

If on the other hand you are so interested in affiliate marketing (Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews) that you want to go all out with it, you may want to make a website exclusively to sell products or even a web store for affiliated products . The advantages of this type of project are obvious, you just set up the web and do some optimized texts. Neither do you charge the customer, nor send the product or offer after-sales service. Instead, you receive a percentage for each product you sell.

Although to mount a project like this you have to first find a good niche that is not exploited and with the potential to generate interesting income. You also have to develop a well-formed web in terms of SEO and UX to facilitate both organic searches and the purchasing process . It has its crumb. If you think that it’s just about entering Amazon, deciding that you’re going to sell laptops and start earning money while you scratch your belly, you’re quite wrong.

Undoubtedly, affiliate marketing is one of the most stable ways to make money online, especially when we talk about generating relatively passive income. But the success of your affiliate marketing will only come by doing things right and not without a good dose of trial and error.